Exhibition information


The exhibition will be held in conjunction with the conference. 

Coffee breaks, lunch and poster sessions will be held in the exhibition area.

Price per m² 195 EUR + 19% VAT

This includes:

• Exhibition area (min. 6 m²)

• Publication of your company logo on the conference website

• Publication of your company logo and company profile (max. 1,000 characters) in the programme

brochure and on the conference website

• One exhibitor pass which are also valid for the scientific programme

• Electricity (220V)

• Furnishing (1 Table, 1 Chair)

Catering available on request (to be charged!).

Placing will be done by order of registrations.

Exhibitors may place their job offers free of charge on the conference website and in one edition of the


Programme Advertisement

Back cover (U4) 500 EUR

Inside front cover (U2) 450 EUR

Inside back cover (U3) 350 EUR

Regular page inside 300 EUR

Advertising Material

Flyers/brochures in the conference bag 500 EUR

Flyers/brochures on the plenary hall seats 300 EUR

Flyers/brochures at the check-in 150 EUR

Hand-out of various gifts at the check-in 150 EUR

Indoor Advertising

Display in the plenary hall 250 EUR

Display at the check-in 150 EUR

All fees are in EUR-currency and do not include 19% VAT